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Marine Insurance

Marine insurance was originally for perils which caused loss or damage to a ship s cargo. Due to the fact that many destinations are located inland, this insurance has been extended to overland transits which cross frontiers. For cargo transits within a country, goods in transit (GIT) insurance is available.

Marine Cargo

Specific policies can be issued to clients whose imports and/or exports are not regular. These relate mainly to household goods and personal effects transported into or out of the country, and can be issued to cover specific consignments on a one-off basis.

Where a continuous flow of business is expected from a client, the Corporation will recommend an open cover. This type of policy gives protection on a blanket basis and covers all the imports or exports of that client from the date of inception of the contract.

Marine Hull

Apart from the cargo, the vessel itself (ship or boat) can be insured against loss or damage. (Zambia being landlocked, the volume of this business is small but cover can be arranged on request).

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