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Insure your home against fire and theft with a house owners policy

Insure your office with our office contents contents policy

Fire and Allied Perils

Fire with its associated perils like lighting, storm and earthquake is probably the most common hazard known. It can cause devastating damage to fixed assets like warehouses, office blocks, factories, plant and machinery, stocks of both raw materials and finished products, residential properties, grain fields and many other valuable assets.

Buildings Combined

This policy covers: - Loss or damage to buildings, including all outstanding, sporting and recreational structures, landlords fixtures and fittings, gates and fences. - Accidental damage to the property of the insured including service connections like water, sewerage, electricity and telephone. - Loss of rent up to specified limits, following damage to the property rendering it untenantable. - Liability to third parties (injuries and property damage). - Burglary

Office Premises

- Loss of or damage to furniture, office equipment and all other contents. - Loss of rent. - Loss of or damage to documents. The perils covered against are the same as in fire insurance but include theft and accidental breakage of mirrors, glass etc.

Business Interruption/Loss of Profits

The destruction caused by fire may bring about a stoppage of production leading to a drain of resources due to continued payment of overheads like salary, rent, etc. The resultant losses are covered by this policy. The premium is paid on gross profit insured. Standing charges which are not proportionate to level of production are covered and premium will vary according to selection of indemnity period. This cover can be given only if there is a concurrent fire policy covering material damage

House Owners

This insurance covers loss or damage to buildings for private residence(s) including all private garages, outbuildings, tennis courts, boreholes (including pumps and motors), walls, gates, fixtures and fittings, utility lines, etc. The perils covered are fire, lighting, earthquake, storm, wind, floor, water, hail, bursting or overflowing of water tanks and pipes, housebreaking and impact with vehicles, animals and falling trees. Additionally, the policy covers loss of rent, accidental damage to glass and sanitary ware, public supply or mains connections, and property owners liability to third parties.

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