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You can now search for salvage motor vehicles online from Professional Insurance Zambia PLC at affordable give-away prices. The stocks are running fast, hurry and get one today. Put in an offer and one of our staff will get back to you.

Please note that salvages are sold on an ‘as is’ basis. Terms and conditions apply

Volvo V40
ACT 6540
ZMW 16000.00

Flat Bed Trailer
ACM 6871T
ZMW 25000.00

Audi A4
ZMW 15000.00

Nissan Hard Body
ALM 8126
ZMW 42500.00

Nissan Almera
ABP 8243
ZMW 25270.00

ATB 1582
ZMW 15000.00

BMW 3 series
ACX 3600
ZMW 7000.00

Toyota Vitz
BCB 2670ZM
ZMW 15000.00

Nissan SUNNY
ACX 5882
ZMW 7000.00

BMW 3 series
BAB 6770
ZMW 7000.00