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When you truly love your belongings, your assets or your business, you protect them as best you can. We are here to serve you.

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Motor Insurance

We have motor insurance in two categories of products, you can pick between Third Party and Comprehensive Insurance cover. All these policies are offered at affordable prices and cover can be obtained at any of our Branches, licensed Insurance Brokers or Agents of Professional Insurance.

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House Owners Insurance

Home Owners Insurance is essential if you own or are intending to buy a house. This covers you for damage to your main dwelling house, and other outbuildings that can be locked up. The major risks covered under this include; Fire, water damage, aerial object that may fall from the sky including falling trees.

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Household Insurance

Householders insurance covers against losses & damages to an individuals household goods. These may range from couches, beds, electronics, clothes, jewelry & many other household goods. This policy covers incidents on the insured property of – loss or damage of personal assets/belongings that may arises due to theft, water or electrical damage.

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Agricultural Insurance

Agric Insurance Policies are a valuable business risk management tool that provides you with financial protection against production losses caused by natural perils, such as drought, excessive moisture, hail, frost and wind. Taking agriculture insurance is an important part of investment that gives you protection against any misfortune owing to unpredictable natural disasters.

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Overseas Travel Insurance

OTI covers both personal and business trips. We cover financial losses due to travel changes, cancellation or interruption, medical expenses, baggage delays or theft, liability cover, accidental death or disability, delays. Our partners across the globe allow us to deliver quality service that extends to medical emergency evacuation services.

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Muende Bwino Insurance

Muende Bwino Personal accident cover aims to provide the travelling public with the freedom to protect themselves against some of the consequences of road traffic accidents such as hospitalization and death. With cover for as low as K5 for a benefit level of K5000, this is ideal for Group trips by schools, churches, football teams, marketeers etc.

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